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Blue Cube

A light installation for the Central Bus station, Rosenheim, Germany 2002

Height 3.20m, 7 m x 3.40 m, glass, acrylic glass, blue LEDs

An old electric transformer plant in the city centre of Rosenheim, Germany, remained as an urban relic from the sixties on the new building site of the modern central bus station. In the city´s `memory´ it always had been that concrete block everybody had several times walked past, but never taken any notice of: A noman´s-land between traffic jams and urban life that very few people had ever seen from inside. In reality enormous quantities of energy flow through this block, the transformer supplies the town centre with electricity.
The light installation brings this well known and yet forgotten building back to the city life and raises questions about its presence, its function and its aesthetical qualities. The changing appearance from a large ice cube in the day time to a semi transparent blue colour space by night shows there is a secret in this buliding. The formerly nameless transformer plant became an iconic meeting point in the city.