Oliver Hein --- oliverhein.com


A video sculpture for the Cambrideshire Guided Busway

Cambridge, 2009

gems is a permanent video installation located outside the terminal building of Trumpington Park & Ride terminal building. Hundreds of commuters park their cars here every day and wait for their bus: here they can watch video footage taken around the countryside, in the villages and towns along the Cambridgeshire Guided busway from Cambridge to St. Ives. Two stacks of old English railway sleepers symbolize the history of the former railway line, the videos are displayed between the old oak.

A series of 18 visits to local residents who live along the new Busway had been undertaken by the artist together with a group of students from the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. The residents were asked to present their favourite place, their gems: they show us their carefully decorated living rooms, tranquil gardens or a lovely spot in the country side, insights into hidden spaces behind fences or curtains.