Oliver Hein --- Hidden Lines

Hidden Lines

Brighton Digital Festival 2014

Hidden Lines is a kinetic video and light installation that brings new life to an unused space. From outside passersby are able to look in and wonder at the unfolding narrative, bring their own reasoning and connections to it.
A beautiful blue light pervades a disused shop at the heart of Brighton & Hove’s city centre. On the floor of the shop a domestic robot trundles through the space, bumping into walls turning, moving back across the space in an endless, pointless journey. At the same time words appear on the walls, grow larger and then disappear. Are the words random or are they telling a hidden story, recounting an ancient poem? And what’s the connection between these seemingly disjointed words and the little robot on its endless journey? The words projected onto the wall are Haiku, the famous Japanese poems that can draw a sketch or a describe an impression in three short and precise lines. The viewer has only little time to catch the meaning, while the robot with its mounted spy camera approaches the poem, before it turns and heads for the next one.

Hidden Lines is one of six Brighton Digital Festival Arts and Tech commissions selected for the 2014 Festival.