Oliver Hein --- oliverhein.com


a space inversion

in collaboration with the painter Ko Rüchardt
Polyethylene sheet, blowers. Munich 2006

Every half hour the space, a former bank hall, turns into a white room. An exhibition of portraits turns into an empty space that only consists of it¥s own boundaries.
Ko¥s painting is themed around personal relationships, his paintings give the space the quality of a social environment. The visitor can watch the exhibition only from outside through the windows and experiences a metamorphosis: The floor starts to rise, an enormous cushion of air elevates, creeps up the walls and fills the space entirely.

The exhibition disappears, the space turns into a mould for a new space. The paintings remain as bold reliefs on the walls of an empty and petrified white room.
A very air cushion of black and white Polythylen sheet was tailored exactly to the dimensions of the space and inflated with a strong blower. After 30 minutes it automatically switched into reverse and pumped the air out. The cushion collapsed and the exhibition came back to life. The installation was on for 2 weeks.